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The Indian philosopher and economist J. C. Kumarappa sums the purpose of work very nicely:

If the nature of the work is properly appreciated and applied, it will stand in the same relation to the higher faculties as food is to the physical body. It nourishes and enlivens the higher man and urges him to produce the best he is capable of. It directs his free will along the proper course and disciplines the animal in him into progressive channels. It furnishes an excellent background for man to display his scale of values and develop his personality.

Obviously, working for money, title, working a job you hate, work that mildly builds up your character is not only a waste of your time and energy, but is a dis-service to the universe.


One thought on “Work

  1. You are right. Work has become our identity in total. It should be at the very least, a PIECE of our identity. Men are expected to “be successful”. In other words, make money. Make money at the cost of your health, knowing your family,knowing your self. I see SO MANY men who have been trained by the Capitalistic Machine to give their life in order to buy a Lexus.

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