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My Privilege feeds Material Obesity (guest post)

Guest Post

Why am I STILL living a life of material obesity? The answer is simple: socioeconomic privilege. Poeple RARELY relinquish any kind of privilege whether it is white, physical or socioeconomic. The Billionaire Who Wasn’t (Chuck) is an exception.

Let me dig deeper into my own socioeconmic privilege. I lived in the right area of town to get a good education, I had money to go to college, I had the tools and connections needed to have a relatively easy life….basically like Buffett says : I had the right DNA, by chance. I live a lifestyle that exploits others and luxuriously benefits me. I am ashamed of it. I feel guilty at times. I will admit that I enjoy my privilege most of the time. The cappuchino I had today used illegal labor in most every step of its production. The massage I had today was great but I had to use currency to pay. It would have been better to live in a barter system or moneyless system. Lets dig deeper….why did I get a massage? The community I live in is so caustic and lonely that people rarely engage in physical contact. We are relegated to outsource love and nurturing. We lead such stressful lives. Nurturing (massage) is something that we have to purchase. I get a massage once a month to help deal with stress and keep balanced. It is shameful that a stranger has to help me do that. If I lived in a community based on selfless love, I would not need a massage.

What I see in my life is a cycle…….privilege……material obesity……lack of community and lack of self……

How do I get out of it? Find a community that does not operate within the Capitalistic system. Live there. Live in Talmage or in Pondicherry.


One thought on “My Privilege feeds Material Obesity (guest post)

  1. One can start with simply boycotting products that they know have been produced by inhuman labor. However, one cannot feel bad about each and every thing.

    Since you do have the right privileges, it is most productive to give back to people who do not have it. Even uplifting one person who is not at your level to your level is an accomplished life.

    It is in fact, very sad that all of us have to go through so much stress to be happy and feel human.

    The center problem in all this is the impurity of the mind and the material senses commanding the body.

    I think this problem is solved a few ways:

    – Short term by joining a community which helps to put the mind and the self closer to God and soul. The atmosphere and energy there provides the right focus and calmness to tame the mind

    – Longer term solution is to achieve equanimity of the mind. Bhagavad Gita gives a picture of the enlightened person — sthitaprajna — which is the ultimate possibility of human life-a mind abiding happily in the happy self while engaged in the world with altruistic intentions, calm and free from emotional fluctuations.

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