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One day, you will die

This is your life. And it’s ending one minute at a time.

The Hindu scriptures describe the body as a product of Nature, with six defects of delusion: “It is born; it exists; it grows; it changes; it decays; it is annihilated.’ Most human beings nevertheless expect permanent happiness from this impermanent body.”

One day, just like all of us, you will die. You will be buried somewhere or burnt to ashes. You will slowly melt away and become one with nature within seconds or hours. It is true that you do not take anything with you, not even your own body.

The funny part about dying is that no one wants to believe it and face it. You plan your life as if you know if you can accurately predict your ‘retirement’, ‘health’ and ‘death’.

  • I would like to do gardening when I retire
  • I would love to give back when I am rich
  • I will retire at 65 and then enjoy all my social security benefits

The reality you can die at any time for any reason. The world will just run fine without you and life will still go on as usual. All you can do, is to live today. No one knows about tomorrow.


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