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You are not the car you drive

We collect all sorts of things. Computers, clothes, shoes, perfumes, DVD’s, books, cars so on and so on.. It is time to re-evaluate what we really, absolutely need. Time to question whether we really need that large flat screen TV, or that expensive BMW or the next pair of pants, specially after you have a lot of them already. Money is spent not only on buying that BMW, its spent on servicing it, maintaining it and feeding it that extra gas. Money is spent buying that pant, detergent and electricity that goes in cleaning it, time spent cleaning it, dry clean bills, carrying it while moving and time spent in getting rid of it when it gets older.

Even inexpensive items such as books don’t need to be bought. You can always try to get it from the library for free and return it when you are done.

The more we store, the less space we have for ourselves and bigger the houses we need. The more money you spend = more time you have to spend to earn it and the less time you have to live. So every piece of material that you acquire takes out time from your life, which of course- can never be replaced.


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