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Hermit and the love thief: The Saint

Just posting some parts of the sanskrit poetry book, Hermit and the love-thief by Bhartrihari and Bilhana.

Though I search the triple world through all its mundane passages
no man has met my vision’s field or come within my hearing’s range
who could really bind to a post of self restraint
the raging elephant of his mind
with its drunken desire to court the world of the sense

Pleasures are as ephemeral as lightning
flashing through a canopy of clouds;
life is as fragile as a water filled
thunderhead blown by the wind;
transient for mortal’s is youth’s caressing;
Wise men, reflect on this and hasten
to fix your minds in yoga,
purest fruit of calm and trance.

Why, my heart, do you waste the days
seeking attention of other men?
Why do you enter the thicket
of anguish just to curry favor?
If you find contentment within youself,
your thought will become a wish-granting gem-
zeal for freedom’s joy
will starve your worldly craving.


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