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Ego vs. God’s Will

I am continually faced with the question, which work or action is worth doing?

While I think about this question, lots of ideas and answers jump at me. Some repeat themselves over time and some of them are new. When I look at the answers finely, I see that some of them spring from the ego or I am attracted to some because the divine is impelling me to do it. Of course, there is seldom a completely ‘pure’ intention. Most of the actions we choose will have a mix of both the ego and the divine.

I am slowly learning the distinction between when to act and when to remain quiet by noticing whether my action was motivated by the ego or by the divine flow.

The ‘push’ I feel when my motivation is ego-based is distinct from the flow we feel when my soul is calling. After chatting with a friend about this, we realized that the ego based flow has certain distinct qualities. Ego based callings are based on how one perceives themselves, need for a person to prove themselves to their family, friends and society. Or it stems from fear of non-conformance with the traditional ‘scales’ of what is considered productive and successful.  The other fear is the fear to seem lazy or unproductive in the traditional sense of the way. The feeling associated with this seems to have a ‘pull’ or a ‘push’, one that pushes the mind into wallowing in an ego fantasy, where the hero (if its ambition) or loser (when its fear) is ‘Me’.  Typically, this introduces a state of mind which is rooted in dissatisfaction with the current state of affairs –where the mind feels a certain tension and strain.

There are only a few times when I have really felt the ‘divine flow’. Clearly, it is a ‘flow’, not a ‘push’ or ‘pull’. In those fleeting moments, the feeling in very freeing and light. It feels more like non attachment than attachment to ‘doing’ something or ‘getting’ somewhere, a feeling that is firmly rooted in peace and stillness. Action springs spontaneously without a ton of effort. I donít even have the time or take any effort to think about the outcome of this kind of action. In essence, the action feels more freeing than binding. It fills me with positive intention and love. The kind of work that is usually visualized is built around serving others or a greater cause. It moves away from ‘Me’, ‘Mine’ and ‘I’ to offering oneself in selfless action. It moves me away from pressure and friction to greater ease.


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