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My Compass – I

During the walk, I considered what is important to me in life. They all have something to do with meditation, simplicity and doing good to others.

Continuously makes me more aware of the workings of my mind, heart, consciousness and my relationship to the world. Tough to practice intensely if my life is overly complicated or a little selfish if I am not doing good with what I learn.

‘The cost of living is the amount of what I call life which is required to be exchanged for it’  said Henry T.  The higher my cost of living, the more I have to work and less time I have for other activities.

Simplicity of thought is important as well. Guided by the ego monster, one can really ‘scale’ up a lot of ‘activity’, but I might miss out on the quality of each action.

Doing good:
Focus on others. Away from what ‘I want’ to ‘how I can be of service’ to all living beings.

This keeps the ego monster at bay, is more fulfilling and adds good energy to the universe.

The simplicity in life helps to free up more time do this and a constant meditation practice helps refine the purity of intention behind every thought–which eventually turns into action.

All three are deeply linked and interconnected. In terms of focus, I put them in the descending order of importance. In the event that I have to make a trade off, I clearly know what to put a priority on.

Meditation was deemed as the most important because everything follows the mind.


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