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Soul Food – II

Some criteria I had around what kind of ‘activity’ I want to get engaged in:

  • Feed souls: Should be able to feed souls. It should be something I truly feel connected to. I must feel complete when I see myself involved with it.
  • Service: Be good for others and me.
  • Attend to basics: I should have easy access to clean air, food, water and sattvic company. Food, water and air turn into my body, breath and consciousness. Company of good people is good for my mind and heart–so all these are desired to be as pure as possible.
  • Time: Allow me enough ‘leisure’ time. Time which allows me to read, write, reflect and think.
  • With Nature: The place of work and living (where I will spend most of my living life) be ideally away from meeting rooms, concrete buildings and be closer to nature. This is important because the more time one spends with nature, the more tender, compassionate, sensitive and aware one becomes. Spending time with machines makes one more and more mechanical over time.
  • Flexible and Rewarding: It should be simple to do, rewarding each time I do it. I would have the independence to scale it ‘up’ or ‘down’ when I wish. This allows be better control over recalibration of the three compass components–if I ever need to do it.
  • Less dependence on the economic machine: Should be as independent as possible from the system. For example, if I choose to work for clean good (against BT or GM) etc or improving education, my work is still tied to an existing system or people. Essentially, if I had the choice, I would want to work on root things (like the mind or the earth). That way I spend less energy fixing the symptoms of problems or fighting against an existing framework (which might be foundationally or architecturally flawed) . Hopefully, this approach will lead to less wasted or ineffective effort.
  • Should have loose ties to systems that are not meaningful to me. For example, I am not sure if the growth of software and IT is really helping human beings have more time for leisure and are allowing them for inner cultivation. Of course, nothing in inherently ‘good’ or ‘bad’, so I will leverage these wherever necessary.

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