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story of the redwood grooves

In the sacred grove, I sit. Watching these pines grow up, stand tall. They say, not a word, but hold me in the circle.

Teaching me pride, strength, beauty, commitment.. All held in silent prayer.

This moment equals to to all i have read and heard in all my life. And not a word has be exchanged.. The sun shines bright through them, they share, they host animals and birds

Stay rooted at one place, never wanting more space. Atisfied, still in this widerness for hundereds of years They witness circles of lie and death, fear gony and happiness Am looking at themand my fingers type freely as i pass this moment to you, perfectly unsculpted.

My finders till flowing bewildered at this rawnesss emerging out of me, lifje a bow leaving an archers arrow to protect and to kill The sorrows o theuniverse.

Smooth, quoet, silence, still this errgy of love in unstoppable. My heart is full and brimming up love. Come Serve yourself some. Stay with me, here.

Drop the words, conversations, intellect because here is where i have tasted god Raw, unedited, straight oout of th eheart of the redwoods into my heart..ozzing therough my fingers Into words and into your breath.

One. No parts.

–  Me, amongst the Redwoods, Quaker Center, Santa Cruz, California.
July 31, 2010


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