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Karl and Kali

Each man is both man and woman, and each woman is both woman and man, and we have to come to a deep merger of these two elements. In that merger is strength, is power; immense power is released. It is far more significant than the power released by an atomic explosion. It is not the power of explosion but the power of implosion. The atom has to be broken, then it releases energy, but in the inner world man has to be integrated — not broken, not split, but centered, crystallized — then power is released.

The man and the woman inside have to meet and merge, so let Karl and Kalli meet and merge and become one. And that happens through love. When you love a woman it is not only the woman on the outside that you love, in a vicarious way, in an indirect way you love your inner woman too through her. In fact you fall in love with a woman only if she somehow resembles your inner woman, otherwise you will not fall in love in the first place

The resemblance may not be too much, the resemblance may be very little and may be finished sooner or later, but there is certainly some echo. That echo is love. Something of your heart is reflected. Falling in love with a woman or falling in love with a man is really deep down falling in love with one’s own polar opposite. And both those poles exist in you: one is Karl, the other is Kalli; and both have to meet.

And just as the child is born out of the mother, never out of the man, exactly the same happens when the man and the woman inside meet, again the man disappears into the woman. The mother is left there again. The beginning is the mother and the end is the mother.
If one day you come across God you will be surprised: you will not find that he is a man, you will find that he is a woman. He is a she!

– Osho, Just Around the Corner


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