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Some woman she is..

Her laugh naughty

her self, i will never know.

she is a mystery yet so known

is she me or am i her?

one love for us

she makes me smile, makes me desire

in her sari she shines

her bindi the ultimate seduction

rawness ripe with divinity

her paradoxes.. sparks fly..between us

her voice, words, intentions so pure. she wants god and god is what she will get to. in the wait, she sparks in all the desire for the divine and spreads her fragrance to all she touches..

she is tough as iron and soft in her heart as velvet. she can move mountains, simply with her grace.

her tuning into her truth is unmatched. (its as strong as her hygiene awareness)

her energy so real, raw, pure, anger, moods, chuckles, pain all feel like Him. she can write poetry, prank call, play bamboo, be serious and naughty and seriously naughty.

feel like never before. never felt loved as much. happy endings begin like this.

so much…her..says she

you’re like a subconscious stream of water flowing constantly underneath the surface of the world. The river under the river.

No matter where I am, who I’m with, deep down you are consistently flowing in the stream of love, in my consciousness, like blood running through my body.


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