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Krishna O ‘ Krishna


Ever since the creation of time every soul has been playing mind and body game in its pursuit for happiness. This game devoid of slightest pain simply gratifies desires of all senses and eventually the ephemeral pleasure engulfs the mind. When, mind discards the five senses and plays game to amuse the soul, it evokes the state of everlasting bliss without the sensual pleasures. 

This painting is a portrayal of the blissful spiritual ambience of Radha. Traditionally, most paintings of Lord Krishna depict him as the prime figure surrounded by his devotees (Radha, Meera gopies). Here the central figure is Radha. She is totally immersed in the divine love for lord Krishna. As a spiritual soul mate, she feels the presence of Lord Krishna everywhere in various colors and forms. Both Radha and Krishna are holding the flute each using only one hand depicting the sense of “playing music together”.  Her every breath, thought and action only seeks being one with Lord Krishna. Is it not befitting to designate Radha with another name “Krishnamayi”?

– Reproduced  from Shuvaprassana.


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