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Coming to America part 1

Just flew in this morning to San Francisco from India. Took a while for my mind to get re-adjusted:

  • Went to a Mexican place and wanted the bill. I was wondering if I should yell at the waiter and ask him for a bill or get up and ask him.  I ‘forgot’ the right way to do things. Jay (my cousin) clarified the local politeness standards. It would have been easy in India.
  • Went to downtown mountain view and found it quite empty. Asked Jay, ‘hey, where are the people’ ‘is it a holiday’? He said, ‘they are all here’.
  • While making Chai, was trying to find a lighter to light the stove. I just had to turn the knob instead. Now, I am confused why should need lighters in the first place.
  • In the immigration line, I felt weird that there was so much space between my front and the rear of the guy in front of me and my rear and the front of the guy behind me. In India, I am used to getting close 🙂 . It was not disappointing.
  • When I tried to breathe, the air went in too fast. My nose hair were relieved.  I am inhaling much more oxygen in one breath than before.
  • Shit! hot water comes in the tap. damn, that’s a nice treat.
  • Met an Indian used car sales man! And I thought we were only engineers.  This is the local ‘development’ news.
  • more later…

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