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Splitting the present moment

In what we call a ‘moment’ there are millions of micro-moments. Things like our thoughts, husband, wife, concepts, nature are changing at rapid speeds. They look static because our eye and senses are unable to watch these micro-moments.

Developing awareness of what we call the present moment..brings us these micro-moments in sharp attention. For example, first you may first call the present moment to be every second.  It means that you use every second to bring back your attention to the ‘present’ moment. As your ability to concentrate and be ok with ‘what is’, you will be able to break the second into 60 micro-seconds and so on. You will be able to watch and be able to see the changing phenomena will greater intensity and focus.

A kalapa is the minutest particle in the physical plane — still beyond the range of science today. It is only when the eight basic material constituents unite together that the kalapa is formed.  In other words, the momentary collocation of these eight basic elements of behavior makes a man just for that moment, which in Buddhism is known as a kalapa. The life-span of a kalapa is termed a moment, and a trillion such moments are said to elapse during the wink of a man’s eye. These kalapas are all in a state of perpetual change or flux. more



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