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Insanely tasteful

Steve Jobs never allowed the opinions of others to drown out his own “inner voice”. One of my favourite stories about him is about the moment when the Apple design team presented him with the first version of the iPod. He looked at it for a while, turned it over and over, weighed it in his hand and then said: “It’s too big.” The engineers protested that it was a miracle of state-of-the-art miniaturisation – 1,000 songs packed into that tiny space.

Jobs walked over to the fish tank in the corner of his office and dropped the prototype into the water. He then pointed to the bubbles that floated from it to the surface and said: “That means there’s still some space in it. It’s too big.” End of conversation. **


One thought on “Insanely tasteful

  1. Steve Jobs was undoubtedly a brilliant man, but his glaring weakness was in his failure to cultivate kindness. We know how to calculate some of the good he did in the world, but will never know the trail of destruction caused by his harshness and insensitivity to the feelings of others.

    I find myself on the opposite side of the spectrum as you– I’d trade any amount of brilliance and perfectionist-ethic for an enduring heart of radiant kindness.
    Just my two cents 🙂

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