you live in the dark valleys

Buddha speaks from the hilltop and you live in the dark valleys where light never reaches. He talks in words of light; by the time they reach you their meaning changes. By the time your mind catches hold of them it colors them in its own color.   – Osho



The sound of one hand clapping

Once Buddha was asked, “Who are you?”

He was such a beautiful man and the Buddhahood had conferred such grace on him, that many times he was asked, Who are you?”

He looked like an emperor or a god who had come from heaven, and he lived like a beggar! Again and again he was asked, “Who are you?”

And the man who was asking was a great scholar.

He said, “Are you from the world of gods? Are you a god?”
Buddha said, “No.” “Then are you a Gandharva?”
Gandharvas are the musicians of the gods. Buddha had such music around him – the music of silence, the sound of no sound, one hand clapping – that it was natural to ask him, “Are you a Gandharva, a celestial musician?” Continue reading