Women who behave rarely make history


Seen outside Zen Gulch monastery in California =)


I hear today too is gone..

with each call
of the mountain temple bell
as darkness falls
I hear today too
is gone:
sad, knowing that

– anonymous waka


Shūishū 1329
yamadera no
iriai no kane no
koegoto ni
kyō mo kurenu to
kiku zo kanashiki

the rise and fall of things

Better it is to live one day
seeing the rise and fall of things
than to live a hundred years
without ever seeing the rise and fall of things.


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These moments,
like a bubble.
a new bubble.

What you see. Right now.
Is what IS.

Chasing Shadows

how can you make a home here?
tick. you are here. tick. you are dust.

You can pitch a tent.
but when the sun rays hit, you must go home.
How long will you leaving signatures on water?
building your home with sand?

The length of your life is but a single breath.
Wheels keep rolling. Drama playing over.
Just different faces. Doing the same..over and over. And over. eons pass..

Breath is where you started. And no breath is where you will end.
Watch it. That which only IS real.

Doing is. Becoming.
Float with the stream. it will take you to the ocean.
No struggle.

The truth is always crooked. You can’t get there. from here.

Look ma! I found God.

That smile in your eyes,
mom’s hand over my head,
roses spreading fragrance. wanting nothing back,
her innocent giggle,
the depth of my soul that drupad touches,
the dalai lama chuckles and his mosquitoes,
the pristine, jumpy river flowing down a slope.
sudden kindness that springs up everywhere all over the world.
her dog snuggling up to her in bed some  mornings. awed in love.
wagging his tail. utterly happy.
rain drops sparkling on the green leaves.
and in giving up your life for the other.

oh! look! i found God in this innocence, rawness, goodness and purity. God dissolving into the corner of that untamed smile and in the warmth of my dad’s heart.

She was never in temples, churches or your imagination.